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Grade 2 Ballet

This class is for students aged 8+ who wish to build upon their basic skills and knowledge and have the option of entering Grade 2 examinations. Students will build confidence in technique and vocabulary and work on their musicality under IDT's syllabus. 


In this class, your child can complete their examinations under IDT. Dependent on their strengths they will have the option of completing either their Grade 2 Examination with set exercises or a Medal dance. The Medal dance is a performance piece with a costume and each child will enter the exam individually. Once a child has completed a medal they progress through from Bronze, Silver and Gold and can do this within each individual style. The Exam focuses on technique where a child will perform a number of set exercises and children will enter in groups. Exams are not an essential part of your child's progression within our school but are a great source of focus and confidence.

Optional Exams


Great ballet class my little girl has a fantastic time every week & loves showing us her new moves.

My daughter loves her ballet classes and I love the adult classes too. Carmel manages to make the classes fun for all ages.

Carmel is brilliant with the kids and has really engaging, fun classes. My daughter has grown in confidence so much since starting ballet.

My little girl has done classes with Miss Carmel from the very first lesson when the classes started up and she LOVES it. It's a great way to introduce her to dance. Each lesson is different and really creative. Big fan of the classes.


6:30 to 7:30 pm

Term Bookings only (Typically 6 weeks)

Contact us to book a place!

(No prior Ballet experience necessary)

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