We currently offer three ballet classes for Adults:

Adult ballet for Beginners: a class where you can learn or re-learn basic ballet steps, in a relaxed environment. This class is a way to learn new skills and also an excellent way to tone up without even noticing. Learn ballet repertoire, barre, centre and corner work at your own pace, or push yourself with weekly challenges! Classes are £7- or 10% monthly discounted fee. Every Thursday at All Saints Church Hall , 7.30pm - 8.30pm.

NEW Syllabus Adult Ballet for Beginners:

This class is also designed for beginners but follows a set ballet syllabus allowing you to focus on improving your technique right from Grade 1. In this class, you also have the option to enter formal exams and gain qualifications. No prior dance experience required. Every Wednesday 7.30-8.30pm at All Saints' Church Hall and must be paid termly. 

NEW Beginner Pointe Class:

This class is for students who have a minimum of 1 year prior dance experience- either with us or elsewhere. In the class you will begin on strengthening your demi pointe first and then when ready, you may progress on to pointe shoes (unless already trained in pointe). This class is £4 every Wednesday 8.30-9.00pm at All Saints' Church Hall.

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